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The fundamentals of caring for you and your child with mental illness.

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NAMI BASICS is a free new education program for parents and other care givers of children/adolescents living with mental illness. NAMI drew on course elements which have been extensively tested and found to be highly effective.

These elements include:

* Recognition of mental illness as a continuing traumatic event for the child and the family

* Sensitivity to the subjective emotional issues faced by family caregivers and well children in the family

* Recognition of the need to help reduce the day-to-day objective burdens of care and management

* Gaining confidence and stamina for what can be a life-long role of family understanding and support

* Empowerment of caregivers as effective advocates for their children

The NAMI BASICS education program includes the following components:

* Six 2 1/2 hour classes of instructional material, discussions and interactive exercises

* A section of the NAMI website dedicated to disseminating information, including informational videos and resources for the program

* In addition to the core six classes, additional topic modules will be available for independent presentations

How do I register?

Call the NAMI Cobb County Helpline at (619) 543-1434 or 1-800-523-5933


You MUST call the Helpline to register for these classes! If no classes are available, we keep a waitlist and when a class opens up we will call you to ask if you can attend the class.

Note: Website may not be up to date, please call the helpline for a complete list of classes.



Scheduled Classes

Language: English

Dates: January 9, 2012 – February 13, 2012

Day of Week: Mondays

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location: NAMI Cobb County Office

Address: 3990 Old Town Ave. Ste 107 Cobb County, CA. 92110

Register: 619-543-1434 or 1-800-523-5933

Status: OPEN

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